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Sonopet 150B 450B/P37A 450B/P34S 1020B/P41S 1220B/P43S 3000B/P75S
150B / 150K 450B/P37S 450B/P34S 1020B/P41S 1220B/P43S 2100B/P73S





This is used in the welding of mouldings and semi-finished products made of rigid thermoplastics such as PS, ABS, AS, Acrylic, PVC, Acetal, polycarbonate and nylon.   This technique can practically be applied in each and every area of the plastics processing industry.  Different fields include toys, communications, automotive, packaging, household goods, audio/video products, electronics, watches and many other industries.
Ultrasonic plastics welder can be incorporated into various automatic systems.   Custom-made and automatic machines are available according to different production needs.  We also provide tool horn and fixture making.


Rapid Welding

No solvent or adhesive is needed.  Welding can be done within split second.   No drying is required.  Items can be beautifully finished without any mark or protrusion left by adhesive.

No tuning is required

Equipped with the automatic frequency tracking system, no tuning of the machine is required.  Changing of horns becomes much easier and set up time much shortened.

Protecting Features

Electronic protection circuits minimize the damage caused by improper tooling set up and operation.  Built-in constant vibration amplitude control gives steady output power and better welding effect.

Auxiliary equipment, custom-made tool horns and fixtures are available.


Item      150B     150K 450B/P34S 450B/P37A 1020B/P41S

     1220B/P43S     1220B-CE


Output Power 150W 450W 450W 1000W



Oscillation Frequency     28.5 kHz    48.5 kHz 20 kHz 19.15 kHz 20 kHz 15 kHz
Input Voltage

AC Single phase, voltage to be arranged at instruction 110V/220V

Power Requirement 200 VA 600 VA 600 VA 2 KVA

2.5 KVA



Control System Constant vibration amplitude control Phase lock loop, auto frequency tuning
Oscillation Timer Solid state Real time

Solid state


Real time
Press System - Pneumatic press, both-hand push button system
Press Pressure at 5kgf/cm2 - 60 kg 35 kg 60 kg

100 kg

155 kg

250 kg

Press Gap - 350 mm 300 mm 500 mm

400 mm

450 mm

Press Stroke - Max. 50 mm Max. 75 mm

Max. 100 mm

Generator Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 180x132x270 400x145x315 220V 385x139x280 440x170x400


    110V    249x139x280
Press Dimensions  HxWxD (mm) Max. - 1050x266x430 1005x266x403 1330x390x600 1800x720x710 2000x720x710
Net Weight 4.2 kg 50 kg 33.5 kg 114 kg

200 kg

300 kg

Packing Measurement 0.1 cbm 0.5 cbm 0.7 cbm 1.5 cbm

2 cbm

2.5 cbm

3 cbm

Remarks: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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