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These machines are specially designed for sealing blister onto cardboard paper. Using the impulse system, HS-14A, heat is directly applied onto the flange of the blister. A fast and strong seal can be obtained. As the heat is only localized along the flange of the blister, even heat-sensitive products would not be affected using this packaging method.

There is no reduction of moisture content in the cardboard paper so that the cardboard would not warp as easily found in the straight heat sealing process. No energy is consumed only during the split second when the sealing process is taking place. Warm-up period and the continuous supply of energy to the upper hot plate are completely done away.

Cooling is also made possible with the impulse system. The blisters can be kept under pressure to allow the product to take shape before the press head is lifted. A clean and nice finish is resulted. Round turntable model, HS-14AR is also available.

Straight heat sealing model, HS-14B, is preferred if the required sealing area is extensive. HS-14AB is a dual-purpose sealer which can run on both systems.


Item HS-14A HS-14B HS-14AB HS-14AR
Max. card size 350 mm x 508 mm (14" x 20")
Max. sealing area 325 mm x 375 mm (13" x 15")
Max. blister depth 100 mm (4")
Cylinder stroke 125 mm (5")
Upper plate size 350 mm x 400 mm (14"x16")
Hot plate power - 3KW - / 3KW -
Turntable size 500 mm x 912 mm (20" x 36.5") 985 mm Ø (39")
Voltage Single phase, 15amp, optional voltage
Gross weight 375 kg
Net weight 250 kg
Measurements 1175 mm x 575 mm x 1400 mm
Packing 1.4 cbm

Remarks: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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