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Semi-Automatic Operation

This model is designed so that it may be operated manually or semi-automatically. It is constructed to handle rolls of plastic material 24"(60cm) wide on a vacuum table measuring 22"(55cm) wide by 28"(70cm) long. Loading of plastic film is done manually. The semi-automatic operation cycle then pre-heats the plastic sheet, draws the vacuum, cools and lifts the plastic sheet from the moulds. The completed section is then cut off manually before repeating the next cycle.

Electronic and Pneumatic Controls

The machine has a full range of electronic and pneumatic controls for easy and accurate use with a self-contained vacuum pump. Independent air compressor is required. Heating of the plastic is accomplished by the specifically designed heating elements so arranged that heat effect is even with minimum blemishes formed on the plastic material. Temperature of the heating elements is not adjustable but controlled by the heating timer.

Highly Adaptable

Most of the modern thermoplastic films, such as PVC, polyethylene, polycarbonate, polystyrene and acetate, of 0.2mm to 0.8mm thickness can be used. This model is adaptable to a wide range of end products. It is highly dependable and economical to use, especially ideal for low volume production and trial forming of sample articles.

Single head model is also available, for more information, please contact us.



Item FV-30DA FV-30SA
Suction Tray Forming Area 550 mm x 700 mm (22" x 28")
Max. Forming Frame Holder 600 mm x 750 mm (24" x 30")
Max. Forming Depth 125 mm (5")
Cylinder stroke 150 mm (6")
Thickness of Film 0.2 mm - 1 mm
Dimensions 2188 mm x 1113 mm x 1575 mm 1550 mm x 1113 mm x 1575 mm
Heater 8000 Watts
Vacuum Pump Capacity 1 H.P.
Air Compressor Capacity 1 H.P.
Power Supply 3 Phase 220V~440V
Net Weight 520 Kg 280 Kg
Gross Weight 670 Kg 340 Kg
Packing 4.4 cbm 3.4 cbm

Remarks: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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